3 Ways to Plan for Diverse Learners: What Teachers Do

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Teachers aiming to differentiate learning in their classroom can focus on content, process, and product in giving students opportunities to grow and shine as individuals.

Bored? Good, You'll Be More Creative

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Nobody likes boredom, yet research has shown that restless, wandering minds are capable of greater creativity than those bombarded by data and enmeshed in multitasking.

The Happy Eating Place: How Elementary Students Can Run Their Own Business

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Fourth and fifth graders develop a service learning project that prepares meals for their school community and donates the proceeds to a county food bank.

How to Use Your New iPad without Training

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ipad1331I came across this video on Facebook and it reminded me of all the frustration educators have when new technology is rolled out without training.

We can’t expect technology to be used properly in schools without providing teachers the proper support. How many of you have no idea what to do when new technology is rolled out?


In many cases it’s up to the user to figure stuff out on their own. So, if you’ve got a new iPad, the following video may help.


Essential Chrome Extensions

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Lifehacker2Lifehacker has just released their list of essential Chrome extensions for 2014. I have added it to The Best Apps for Everything I posted on July 21, 2014.

Since it had not been released prior to my post i included the 2013 version which I will still make available.


How the Maker Movement Connects Students to Engineering and Tech

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Eighth-grader Quin uses his passion for electronics to teach fellow students about 3D printing, arduinos, and other hands-on lessons in STEM skills.

4 Tips for Flipped Learning

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The core of a successful flipped learning program is customized, watchable, functional video. Here are four tips for creating and integrating high-quality video content.

Roller Coaster Middle School: How One Kid's Crazy Idea Took PBL to Thrilling New Heights

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Will Pemble became CoasterDad when his son's backyard roller coaster idea turned into a massive PBL project integrating math, physics, and 21st century skills.

The Advantages of a Written Assessment

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Multiple choice tests have been a staple of student assessment for decades, and it is likely that they will remain so for a long time to come.

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There are many different ways to assess student skills, and multiple choice tests need to be understood within the spectrum of the many options available for teachers to measure assessment.

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The Myth of Having Summers Off

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When summer hits, teachers often find themselves busy with all the business they were unable to accomplish during the frantic school year.

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