Meeting the Needs of All Students: A First Step

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Edutopia blogger Elena Aguilar encourages teachers to confront their own biases so they connect more deeply with each child in their classrooms.

Classroom Management: Resource Roundup

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Looking for information on guiding classroom communities, minimizing disruptions, and developing class routines to help students stay engaged and focused on learning? This resource collection is packed with useful tips, tools, and advice.

Helping Diverse Learners Succeed

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It's critical to understand the diverse learners in your classroom as people, and to share enough for them to understand you as a person.

Goal Setting for the New School Year

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Schools must help kids "build a self" through a range of opportunity and support accounting for both the big picture and the granular details.

New Study: Engage Kids With 7x the Effect

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The way to engage students is to make sure that they care about the material and that they know how much you care about them.

Rubik to the Rescue: The Rubik’s Cube Engages Students in East Harlem

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A fascinating 3D puzzle from the '70s breathes life into an inner city high school as kids turn algorithms into a competitive sport.

Back to School, Back to Reality

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Stay encouraged that your hard work pays off for your students, even if it doesn’t feel like it every single day.

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A Checklist for Back to School Night

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Back to School Night is often the first interaction a teacher has with parents and guardians. Here's a helpful checklist for educators of five must-haves for this special night.

Five-Minute Film Festival: Reaching Learners of All Abilities

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Looking for resources to help understand and address learning differences in the classroom? This collection of videos and resources offers strategies teachers can use to reach all students in an inclusive environment.

Creating a Welcoming and Intellectually Challenging Classroom

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Check out these important strategies for creating an inclusive learning space that also challenges students with rigorous thinking and projects.

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